Irish tech company Zyalin Group is launching their new ground-breaking Internet control technology product suite, iKydz, with several different providers across Japan, Ghana and Lebanon, making the Internet safer for children throughout the regions. In a first of its kind deal, the Dublin based firm has signed with premier telecoms operators and distributors including, Alfa, Ogero, Touch and SoftBank to ensure the combined 35.8+ million customers can easily and securely manage their children’s online access and screen time.

Zyalin Group’s IOT infrastructure gives parents complete control of what their children are doing online, whether a child is on Wi-Fi at home or out using a 3G/4G/5G network. The simple delivery solution allows customers to manage all of their children’s connected devices with just one app on their own phone. Children cannot remove or switch off the software once it’s set up. Most other Internet safety products are traditional apps and are easy for children, particularly teenagers, to circumvent.

In addition to the new operator deals, Zyalin Group has also developed strategic partnerships for its iKydz product suite with major retail brands such as Carphone Warehouse, Curry’s PC World and Nokia. Zyalin Group CEO John Molloy said: “The operators and distributors we have signed with in Japan, Ghana and Lebanon have recognised the value that our Internet control product suite can provide to both them and their customers, leading the way in how quickly they are deploying solutions to the ever increasing problem of children’s Internet usage. What makes us different is that we provide our solutions with a simple, scalable infrastructure, making it easy for operators and providers to deploy revenue-generating, value-adding services to their customers. The benefit for end users is that bring the management of WIFI and mobile connected devices into one simple-to-use app for end users. In addition, tech-savvy children cannot easily remove our solution, unlike other Internet controls.

Our product suite gives telecommunication companies a strong differentiator in a fractured marketplace that is crowded with poorly thought-through half-solutions around Internet safety and control. We have created a clever AI-based IOT infrastructure and range of retail-ready products that telecoms companies can simply switch on, white-label and use to provide immediate Internet control solutions to their customers. Our technology works on all platforms, devices and operating systems, anywhere in the world, so we’re the easy, cost-effective, independent choice for operators.” Nadim Khater, Chief Commercial Officer from Touch said: “Our customers have been telling us they’re concerned about how best to keep their children safe online. We’re really excited to be partnering with each other and Zyalin so that between us, we are working to keep the children of Lebanon better protected in today’s connected world.  Children’s open, unchecked use of the Internet is leading to a shift in young people’s social interactions, often to the detriment of their mental health. Much like global warming, the world may not see the problem until it is too late.

We at Touch see the need more than ever to provide simple to use internet control solutions for our customers that allow them to easily set the online boundaries for their children. Our partnership with Zyalin Group allows us to quickly deploy first-in-class parental internet controls to our customers and give them the tools to parent their children online. The introduction by Touch of this parental control service again shows our pioneering efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility within the Lebanese Republic. We are happy to select Zyalin Group’s products above all others available in the marketplace.” Shaibu Haruna, CEO at I-Zone Ltd said: “We recognise the importance of providing easy-to-use tools for customers to be able to better parent their children online. Children often have open, unchecked use of the Internet and this can bring problems such as increased mental health issues, exposure to inappropriate material and distraction from school work and study. We are in advanced stages of implementation with major network operators and we are looking forward to delivering a first-in-class solution to a growing social problem for young people and their parents.

Zyalin’s iKydz product suite provide simple to use internet control solutions for end customers that allow them to easily set the online boundaries for their children.” Mr Jotter Verhaeghe from B – Lab, Inc. SoftBank’s import partner for the Japanese market commented: “We are excited to be working with the team at Zyalin to bring iKydz Home solution to parents in Japan. iKydz Home enables our customers to manage all their devices from one place: restrictions on smart televisions, games consoles, smartphones, tablets and more can all be maintained from the iKydz app. It is child tamper proof as all of the restrictions are managed via a secure app on the parent mobile or web portal, which is set up during installation of iKydz Home – this is the only place from which to amend or remove the restrictions on any device.”

About Zyalin’s iKydz product suite

Zyalin’s iKydz is a portfolio of Internet control products enabling parents to create a safe network at home and on mobile by managing all their children’s Internet-connected devices, all with one simple app on their phone. Parents can easily block or limit access to adult content, manage social media access and set time limits for each child and each device, including limiting online time for gaming consoles. Parents can also apply age-appropriate filters and schedules to each of their children’s Internet-connected devices (including smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles or smart TVs).

iKydz is available to operators and telecoms companies in an array of configurations, with little to no integration requirements and fast deployment. The technology can be deployed using Zyalin’s existing hardware, directly to the Operators or ISPs existing CPE estate using Zyalin’s Agent technology and also to 3G/4G enabled devices via Zyalin’s retail-ready QR code or SIM based technology. All deployment options are managed using Zyalin’s clever, first of its kind, NRCP agent (Network Resident Control Protocol) technology.

iKydz makes it easy for you to parent your kids online. For further information, see www.ikydz.com.

About Zyalin Group

Zyalin Group is the creator of the iKydz product suite. Zyalin creates, designs, and builds a range of hardware and software solutions to help apply controls to the Internet. Content filtering, time scheduling, monitoring and a host of other solutions are created by Zyalin and formed into simple, easy-to-use solutions for providers and end-users alike. Zyalin Group is headquartered in Dublin, with locations in London, Malta, and Nigeria. For further information, see zyalin.com.


About Alfa, Ogero, Touch and JA Square (Lebanon)

Touch is the leading mobile telecommunications and data operator in Lebanon with a market share standing at 53%. Touch is managed by Zain Group.

Alfa is Lebanon’s first mobile network which serves more than 2 million subscribers (75% of them data users), through a state-of-the-art network (2G, 3G+, 4G and 4G+/LTE-A) that covers 99% of Lebanon. It was the first to bring 3G and 4G to Lebanon.

Ogero is the engine of the Ministry of Telecommunication (MoT), and constitutes the backbone infrastructure for all telecom networks including Mobile Operators, Data Service Providers (DSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Ja-Square is a European Telecom and Technology Service Provider, headquartered in Lille, France, having 16 branches around the world. It specialises in implementing innovative concepts and developing new technologies in Telecom, IoT, IT infrastructure, and products and services providing high telecom-level services and smart solutions that are safer, easier and eco-friendly.


About i-Zone Ltd (Ghana)

I-Zone Limited is a Ghanaian company specialising in the distribution of telecommunication products and services. With a distribution reach of over 20,000 retail outlets, I-Zone is the powerhouse in prepaid airtime distribution across physical and digital channels. I-Zone is rapidly expanding its business interest in digital finance and allied services in Ghana.


About Softbank C&S & Plusstyle Platform (Japan)

The SoftBank Group is the 39th largest public company in the world (Forbes 2000). Its distribution business handled by SoftBank C&S is the largest distributor of technology in Japan. Through its online platform Plusstyle, SoftBank C&S allows foreign companies a gateway into the heart of the Japanese technology market. The platform prides itself in finding new technologies abroad with a potential for market disruption.