A world-first in cyber security.
Managing the web traffic in both directions.

Internet Control SmartGate® Technology sits outside of an internet service provider. Filtering and managing the traffic as it travels down from web to device. It also uniquely inspects traffic from device to device preventing the sharing of malicious or inappropriate material.

Zyalin’s knowledge, data and research performed in internet control has evolved into SmartGate®

SmartGate® allows you to protect your telecom network by simply adding it to your infrastructure. Using the power of Zyalin’s Cloud technology to analyse your traffic and take appropriate action. ​

SmartGate® uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyse and detect unwanted traffic. Via Deep Packet Inspection and with the help of leading security providers we are able to filter, detect viral infections and phishing attempts in real-time as they hit your network.

Powerful cyber security at the palm of your hands

  • Categorising web content into topic-based, objectionable, and malicious classifications. Covering over 99.9% of the World Wide Web.
  • Blocklists and advanced threat intelligence
  • Industry-leading protection from compromised websites & malicious threats
  • AI-powered phishing detection, the source of 95% of corporate network attacks

How SmartGate® Works

Web traffic enters an internet service providers network. This includes phishing, viruses, hackers, trojan horses and unwanted remote control. The traffic then passes through SmartGate® infrastructure for inspection. It’s sorted and categorised in real-time whilst taking the appropriate actions based on the end users rules.

Zyalin Artificial Intelligence

The more traffic that enters the infrastructure, the more intelligent SmartGate® becomes. Continually improving and learning how users consume traffic. When unwanted traffic is identified SmartGate® notifies and blocks the attempt.

It’s easy to implement

  • Separate to the telecom network.
  • No structural changes needed.
  • Seamless integration.
  • We provide you with white labelled apps & portals with your brand to present as your own.

Deployment Options

SmartGate® technology is deployed as standard in both our family and small business product for telecom operators. Powering productive business, safe families and enabling responsible operators around the world.

Internet Controls for Famlies

For the everyday telecom customer. Our family product is feature packed, giving parents the power to manage an unlimited amount of devices on home WiFi including phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs & games consoles. Plus! Mobile devices on the go. Protecting and preventing surfing and sharing inappropriate or malicious content. All from one easy to use app.

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Internet Controls for your SME customer

Supplied to telecom operators for their small business customers. Aimed at small to medium sized business owners who have to do everything themselves, including IT. Our Internet Control Business product has been specifically designed for small businesses who want to focus on growing their revenues and increasing productivity. Internet Control Business gives them peace of mind about their internet security with protection that’s affordable and reliable.

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Our Partners

Some of the great technology and integration companies we’ve partnered with as well as our telecom operator and retail customers leading the way in making a safer internet for all.

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