Feature packed and easy to use

Our family product is feature packed, giving parents the power to manage an unlimited amount of devices on home WiFi including phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs & games consoles. Plus! Mobile devices on the go. All from one easy to use app.

Benefits to an ever-growing problem

Children are often free to access the Internet unchecked, unsupervised, day and night.  Which has a negative effect on our children’s lives.  Our products solves any problems faced by today’s digital parent with 94% of parents having no controls on their child’s devices.

Our Mobile Apps. Your brand. Your languages.

Our latest apps are available for parents and child devices on both iOS and Android. The parent app allows full control of the internet access on all devices on the home wifi.  PLUS on any iOS or Android device out on the go with our child app installed.

Each app is fully customisable, with the ability to put your own brand and languages on it.

Low-Cost Wifi Hardware options.

We have multiple options to suit, budgets and your customer needs. Our wifi boxes simply plug into your customers existing home router, creating new safe wifi network in the home for their devices to connect.

Variations include 2.GHz, 5GHz, Extra LAN ports for wire devices and pro verison for 1Gb internet and external antennas for further coverage. Each hardware option is fully customisable with the ability to have the box, packaging and guides to fit your brand in your languages.

Put your brand on internet control

Included as standard:

  • Full setup and integration with our internet control SafeGuard® infrastructure

  • Routers supplied and branded as your own
  • iOS, Android apps and web portal produced for your brand
  • Fully white-labelled administration portal
  • Premium business & technical support
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