Why remote working solutions are necessary to protect businesses and Government bodies

We have just witnessed in Ireland that ransomware attacks have no boundaries, no remorse, just ruthlessness in their intent to cause havoc and disruption in the Health Sector.

Patient historical data may be affected as there is currently no access to these files across radiology, oncology radiation and maternity systems. After partial shutdown of their IT Systems, work is now being carried out to reboot each server one at a time across key systems and try to access back up data. Since this takes a considerable amount of time, operations across emergency departments are now at snails pace as details have to be transcribed manually and hand delivered to other hospital departments.

How can this happen?

Although the ransomware tools have been identified and was allegedly triggered via a remote worker device, it is not yet clear at what point the path was created for the ransomware to gain access to the network and begin infiltrating systems. Possible avenues are;

  • Social media link
  • Email received to work address
  • Email received to personal address
  • Rogue website that was accessed on a personal device

In the world of remote working, these are just some of the vulnerabilities to your business as your staff has access to your network from a public Wi-Fi with no protection. This is where your business can act now to greatly reduce the risk of a ransomware attack on your Company.

What can we do?

With so many employees out of physical reach of leadership, potentially working on unsecured Wifi and personal devices, there’s a lot of room for security vulnerabilities through data breaches, and phishing attacks. To further inflame this problem, almost 41% of companies allow employees unrestricted access to sensitive data. A staggering 88% of businesses have over 1 million folders and do not limit employee access to any of the files.

Less than 40% of global companies think they could handle a cyber attack, should it happen. Seeing all of this data together, it’s no wonder cybercriminals target remote workers, and you can bet they’re taking advantage of the current crisis to do just that.

Zyalin Cloudgate – Your own secure business network that allows you to connect your employees devices from a network at their location which sits outside the public Wi-Fi, to your secure network, no matter where they are in the world, with zero-touch.

Whether your employee is using a personal device for work, or a work device for personal use, you can set the boundaries.

  • Block access to certain sites,
  • enable MAC Filtering to allow only a particular list of devices to logon to your secure network
  • Force configuration updates via active directory
  • Run analysis to monitor bandwidth and spectrum activity

These are but a few preventative measures that you can make using Cloud Gate so you can protect your remote workers from potential hacks and attacking your network.

Secure Remote Solution Costs over Damage Costs

Experts say that in 2020, the cost of a data security breach for a large organisation would be over $150 million. The average cost to business is $3.86 million. This is mainly due to the increased digitalisation and connectivity of most companies. But its not just the cost financially. A breach also costs the company an incalculable amount of damage to their brand reputation.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to implement a hybrid remote working solution in Zyalin’s Cloud Gate at low budget costs and give your business peace of mind.

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