Many ICT companies are now examining how they can provide support and products to their business customers as many decide to give the option to continue working from home. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

More than 60% of Irish companies are looking at ways to make remote working a permanent option for their employees, according to recent studies

With a huge number of businesses having asked staff to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, many are now examining how they can continue to support those who wish and are able to do so after the crisis is over.

Twitter employees will be allowed to work from home “forever”, chief executive officer Jack Dorsey said in a company-wide email. Many more have since followed.

How ICT companies are using Zyalin CloudGate to benefit their own customers in this new ages of remote working.

The problem many ICT companies are facing is rolling out a secure network to their customers business premises and their remote workers quickly, efficiently and more importantly, at a low-cost.

With Zyalin ClouGate they can now secure their customers business network along with all their employees internet connections no matter where they connect. Give them instant, direct and secure access to office file servers. Let them share sensitive files safely with colleagues and clients. Managing their entire network. CloudGate remote working is enterprise-level security wherever people work.

Cutting-edge cyber security and internet access management business customers without the hassle.
Aimed at an ICT companies small to medium sized business customer.

Re-imagined Remote Desktop Support & Network Security.

Cloudgate has been specifically designed for ICT companies to manage their small business customers office network and remote workers on their behalf or even provide them with the full suite of easy to use tools to manage the CloudGate network themselves.

Allowing them to run scans of the network, remotely troubleshoot printers and other IT peripheral devices connected to the network, push updates to devices, apply policies to all devices, no to mention the best-in-class cyber security and many other things. All done wherever their employees are working.

Their customers can focus on growing their revenues and increasing productivity wherever their employees are. While having peace of mind about their internet security with protection that’s affordable and reliable.

Simple plug & play setup.

Simply plug in the low-cost CloudGate wifi boxes into offices and connect the compact, low-cost CloudGate mini routers on existing networks into home offices, hotels or even cafes, via cable or wifi. Working securely, anywhere, anytime. With all the benefits as if you were working in the main office and managed through the Zyalin CloudGate portal.

Zyalin CloudGate for secure remote working, no matter where you work

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