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Site to Site


Site to Site allows offices in multiple locations to establish secure connections with each other over internet. It extends the company’s network, making computers resources from one location available to employees at other locations.

site to site diagram

Examples include:

A company has lots of branches and/or remote workers working from home or on business trips. They wish to give all their workers the ability to join in a single private and safe network to share resources.

A company has a close relationship with a partner company; Site to Site allows the companies to work together in a secure, shared network environment while preventing access to their separate networks.

What conditions do I need to create Site to Site?

One of your locations must have a public static (or dynamic) IP, and you must have two or more Zyalin Devices (i.e. you must have a Zyalin Device in each of your locations).

Steps to build a Site to Site network.

  1. Select the Devices that you wish to connect.

Note that the default port is 51830. If you want to use another port, choose the Advanced option at the lower left corner.

After you have chosen the devices, click Continue.

create a site to site network

CloudGate will then test each device to establish the Main Node for the Site to Site.

testing eacg device

If none of the devices can be used as the Main Node, make sure that:

  • One of Devices has a public IP (either static or dynamic).
  • Port is open, default is 51830.
  • If your Device is behind NAT, you may need to set up port forwarding.

You can also change port and try again.

testing each device

If more than one Device can be set as the Main Node, you will need to choose which one to use as the Main Node.

testing each device

If there is only one device can be set as the Main Node, you will be directed to the Site to Site detail page automatically.

The network is stopped by default; you need to click Start button to activate.

detail s2s

CloudGate will take a few minutes to create the network. When completed, the nodes’ statuses will show as connected.

detail s2s

Testing the Site to Site connection

Once the Site to Site network is created and started, just test the connection.

  1. Use your PC or Phone to connect to one of the Nodes of the Site to Site network. ,
  2. Use a browser to access another Node’s LAN IP
  3. If you see the login page, then the connection between these two nodes has been established.

For example:
Connect a PC to the Node 1 device, and then use a browser to access the Main Node’s LAN IP ( If I see the login page, it means the connection between Node1 and Main Node has worked.

Route and other options

You can change each Device’s LAN IP and routes.

LAN IP and routes

There is a Server A ( in Node 1’s subnet. If you want other Site to Site nodes to only be able to access Node 1’s Server A, then you can apply the settings as follows:

LAN IP and routes

You can also add the node’s parent routes.

Each sub Node builds an encrypted tunnel network to the Main Node. If you want to change the IP of tunnel subnet, then click ‘IP Address Range’.

Tunnel IP Address Range

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