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Manage your devices

Device information and status

Sign in to Cloudgate, check at left side -> Device List

there is icon at the first column of this table,

means this device is online

means this device is offline

column selector

Select the column you want to display.

“Online time” is the latest time when the device was connected to CloudGate.

“Offline time” is the latest time when device disconnected from CloudGate.

“Update time” is the latest time when device connected or disconnected to or from CloudGate.

“IP” will be your VPN IP by default, if your Device is running VPN client. 

“LTE Signal” is only available for our range of 4G-enabled sim-based devices. If you toggle the column on the Device List page, it will show the signal strength, type and other relevant parameters.

device LTE signal

Device detail info

Select Device List from the menu, and then click the name of an online device.

You can then manage this device including the WIFI settings, the clients and client list, router information, memory usage, up time, load average and log.

to device detail page

Device info

device info


device info

Router status

device info

Client list

device info


The Timeline tab displays the activities of Device, and messages uploaded by the Device’s associated IoT device.

Set email alarm

You can also set email alarms to notify you when a device is online, offline, and when a new client connects.

Select Setting from the menu

Then select Alarm Setting, and create your alarm rules.

create alarm rules

Then set the email you want to receive notification.

alarm rules

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