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Batch Setting

You can use this feature to configure multiple parameters for a single device, or you can configure multiple parameters for multiple devices.

Batch Setting of Single Device

To configure a single device:

  1. Select Device List
  2. Click the Settings cog/wheel on the far right hand side
  3. Select Modify Configuration
Modify Configuration

Check the configuration that needs to be modified and enter the corrected values.

Add Configuration

The checked configuration is required, and only the configuration that conforms to the rule can be filled out. After the configuration is entered, please note that it may take a few minutes for the configuration to take effect. After the configuration has updated, the Device will need to be restarted.
To ensure that the Device restarts, you can check the Restart now option in the lower right corner of the above figure; after the configuration is completed, the device will restart automatically.

Preview the configuration and confirm the delivery.

Preview Configuration

You will receive a prompt for any Devices that require a reboot (where the ‘Restart now’ option was not selected).

config not take effect

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