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Zyalin CloudGate management service provide an easy and simple way to remotely access and manage internet access devices.

Check live router status

  • Live online / offline status check
  • Live RAM and Load Average check
  • LTE Signal
  • Email alarm about online offline status update

Set up routers remotely

  • Set up internet access devices (e.g. SSID and Key) remotely

Monitoring clients on devices remotely

  • Check who is on your network
  • Realtime traffic monitoring and block clients
  • Email alarm about new client and block

Operate devices in batch

  • Set up config templates and configure routers in batch
  • Reboot or upgrade internet access devices in batch

Manage device in groups

  • Divide devices in different groups
  • Manage devices in one page

Site to Site

  • Virtual Office: extend your office network to other offices and work locations (such as home offices, hotels, coffee shops, etc)
  • Business Travel: remote access office’s OA, CRM, MySQL systems
  • Smart Office: remote access IP cameras, NAS and other devices at home


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