One of the biggest problems when switching to remote work is network security, and this is only aggravated when the switch is made suddenly. With so many employees out of physical reach of leadership, potentially working on unsecured Wifi and personal devices, there’s a lot of room for security vulnerabilities through data breaches, and phishing attacks. To further inflame this problem, almost 41% of companies allow employees unrestricted access to sensitive data. A staggering 88% of businesses have over 1 million folders and do not limit employee access to any of the files.

Less than 40% of global companies think they could handle a cyber attack, should it happen. Seeing all of this data together, it’s no wonder cybercriminals target remote workers, and you can bet they’re taking advantage of the current crisis to do just that.

What is the cost to a company?

Experts say that in 2020, the cost of a data security breach for a large organisation would be over $150 million. The average cost to business is $3.86 million. This is mainly due to the increased digitalisation and connectivity of most companies. But its not just the cost financially. A breach also costs the company an incalculable amount of damage to their brand reputation.

Zyalin Cloudgate – Your own secure business network that allows you to connect your employees devices to your secure network, no matter where they are in the world, with zero-touch.

Secure your workers’ internet connections no matter where they connect. Give them instant, direct and secure access to your office file servers. Let them share sensitive files safely with colleagues and clients. Manage your entire network. Working remotely now has enterprise-level security.

Cutting-edge cyber security and internet access management for your business without the hassle.
Aimed at small to medium sized business owners.  Cloudgate has been specifically designed for businesses who want to focus on growing their revenues and increasing productivity, security and compliance wherever their employees are.

With protection that’s affordable and reliable.

Zyalin CloudGate for secure remote working, no matter where you work

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