Providing Verdé Environmental Group’s remote-working solution amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Verde Environmental Group is a leading, independent environmental consultancy and contracting specialist, with offices across Ireland, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The Challenge

Verde’s people work from different and often remote locations around the world, including Ireland, Nigeria, Ghana and Saudi Arabia. They were very conscious of the cyber threats presented by unsecured and open networks. But they also understood that their colleagues needed to connect to the internet and access and share files. Verde’s challenge was how to secure all their remote workers internet connections, making it easy for them to use, and making it easy for the company to deploy and manage.
They had tried VPNs deployed to individual endpoint devices; but it was difficult to manage remotely, required constant IT support to remote workers and they encountered constant failures and lost working time.

We are all facing the new working reality with COVID-19. But with the CloudGate solution, Verde’s forced transition to remote working was painless. Everyone still has secure and direct connection to our servers, and our cost base has reduced.

Paul Van den Bergh, Managing Director, Verdé Environmental Group

Verde maintains high standards in everything that they do, across the breadth of services that they offer in Environmental Consultancy, Contaminated Land Remediation and Dewatering. Certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, they are constantly seeking improvement in how they operate.

Zyalin CloudGate helps them to improve their productivity, security and compliance, giving their people safe and secure access to their file servers with little to no downtime. They can maintain their sensitive information locally and allow secure access to only who need it.

Verdé opted for Zyalin CloudGate as it’s plug & play remote-working solution.

Verdé opted for three different types of Zyalin routers for their workforce. Zyalin’s Internet Control Mesh Router for their head office in Ireland. Zyalin’s low-cost Internet Control Wifi mini routers for home workers and business travel.  Internet Control Wifi Pro Mini Routers were supplied for it’s remote offices in Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Their employees simply plugged in the wifi boxes themselves to their existing network via wifi or LAN cable. Verdés IT administrator was then able to manage the entire network and security from Verdés own Zyalin CloudGate console.

Verdés workforce now work as if they’re in the main office. No matter where they are.

Zyalin CloudGate for secure remote working, no matter where you work

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