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Our products are available for telecoms, ISPs and other business to brand as their own and deliver to their own customers. Add value to your existing customers and drive your revenue with our low-cost, tailored solution.

  • Parental control suite for Telecom Operators.
  • Remote, virtual networking solution for Telecoms, ISPs and IT MSPs.
  • Internet Control for Business solution for Telecoms and ISPs.

All fully customisable, with the ability to put your own brand and languages on it.

OEM Virtual Networking

We offer our Zyalin Cloudgate remote, virtual networking solution as an OEM product. Designed with Telecom Operators and ISPs in mind, brand our product as yours. Zyalin Cloudgate delivers a low-cost, secure virtual network with SDWAN and VPN capabilities. Add value to your existing customer offerings, and help them to secure their workers’ internet connections no matter where they connect. Cloudgate was built to enable a connected, secure and productive workforce no matter where they are in the world.

OEM Internet Controls for Business

Cutting-edge cyber security and internet access management for your business customers. Aimed at small to medium sized business owners who have to do everything themselves, including IT. Our Internet Control for Business product has been specifically designed for small businesses who want to focus on growing their revenues and increasing productivity. While having peace of mind about their internet security with protection that’s affordable and reliable.

Features your business customers need

Our SME business product is feature packed, giving business owner the power to manage their teams internet access on any device on their workplace wifi. Plus employee work mobile devices on the go. All from one easy to use app.

Benefits businesses thrive on

Your employees’ browsing the internet during work time costs your business money. The average employee spends 15 minutes browsing the internet and up to an hour a day in some cases for non-business related purposes.

Low-Cost Wifi Hardware

Our internet control business wifi box simply plugs into your business customers existing wifi router, creating new internet control wifi network for all their devices to connect.

Specifically designed for commercial usage it has dual band 400Mbps (2.GHz) + 867 Mbps (5GHz) combined wifi speed. 2 x Gigabit ports, supporting MU-MIMO and pair-able to create a Mesh network.

Put your brand on internet control

Included as standard:

  • Full setup and integration with our internet control SmartGate® infrastructure

  • Routers supplied and branded as your own
  • iOS, Android apps and web portal produced for your brand
  • Fully white-labelled administration portal
  • Premium business & technical support
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