Made with IT professionals in mind. Zero-touch set up, deployment, and management. Connect your teams with Zyalin CloudGate® to update and maintain their device security. Anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with all the leading device suppliers

Making the IT professionals life easier

  • Provide secure internet and network access to all endpoint devices
  • Enable the use of public broadband as a secure separate network.
  • Open VPN, Wireguard Server and client built in to facilitate VPN connectivity to a range of compatible firewalls.
  • Full SDWAN infrastructure
  • Apply policies and automate scheduled updates with one click.
  • Monitor your network health and usage.
  • Identify, manage and resolve network issues remotely.
  • Enforce & manage connections policies.

Benefits for the IT professional & the business

  • Low-cost model, designed for low CapEx, low OPEX budgets
  • Compatible with all major firewall brands – use your existing network infrastructure
  • Improve network security compliance for remote workers
  • Improve GDPR compliance across all remote workers
  • Plug and play for reduced end-user support

Choose from our range of affordable and portable devices.

All managed centrally, anywhere

Just some of the features accessible from the Zyalin CloudGate® web portal.

Plug and play for reduced end-user support

View statistics such as bandwidth and latency.

Site to site SDWan
Create and manage your site to site networks.

Alarm rules
Set up notifications when user rules are triggered.

VPN Management
Manage all the leading providers

Remote SSH
Remotely connect to end points securely via any network.

Employees working securely, anywhere.

Zyalin Cloudgate is available now

  • Full setup with Zyalin CloudGate®
  • Zyalin CloudGate® Routers supplied
  • Web portal to manage your business network

  • Premium business & technical support
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